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The Effect of Trace Mineral Balance on Nutrient Absorption and Health

Every mineral has a relationship with every other mineral. A deficioncy or an excess of any mineral will effect the  uses of every other mineral in the body
The Mineral Wheel

The human body requires about 100 elements. This mineral wheel shows some of the most important elements needed by the body and the interrelationships between these elements.

The lines and arrows connect specific minerals to others. Every mineral has synergistic and antagonistic counterparts. If you have too much or not enough of a specific mineral, it will affect the counterpart causing a mineral deficiency or excess that may be toxic.

An arrow pointing to a particular mineral means that an excess of that mineral may cause a deficiency of the mineral the arrow is coming from. For example, an excess of calcium can cause decreased absorption of Phosphorus, Zinc, Magnesium, and Manganese. The same thing happens in farming soils. Too much or too little of any nutrient results in sick plants, animals, and humans. Read the United Senate Document #264 (there's a link to it on the upper left of this page) and see how mineral deficiencies in soils result in mineral deficiencies in plants which results in mineral deficiencies and diseases in those who eat those plants.

The lack of seemingly insignificant trace minerals in our diets can be killing us and cutting our lifespans in half, but ignorance is the real reason for our demise. This is true is because there is something you can do about it! Degenerative disease is not something you just get, as if you were terribly unlucky, in the wrong place at the wrong time. Degenerative disease is the direct result of diet and lifestyle. With knowledge and application, you can have optimum health even in this polluted environment.

You don't have to get cancer or any other degenerative disease!

I was asked recently to look at a nutritional product and comment on it. I looked at the minerals that were added and saw eleven and in forms the body had to convert before they could be used, and calcium in the form of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate will yield about four percent ionic (bioavailable) calcium after going through the digestive process. (It is basically the same as blackboard chalk.) I said, "Where are the other sixty-four essential minerals?"
The point is, too high or too low amounts of any mineral will cause negative problems adversely affecting the absorption of all the other minerals. It's easy to see why people who think they are getting everything they need through their diets and nutritional supplementation are getting diseases.

When you take food supplements that are supposed to be providing you with everything you should be getting from your food (and are not) and those supplements don't even come close, you are being deceived. No doctor or scientist could ever develop a dietary supplement that contains all the minerals in the proper forms and proportions for optimum absorption. It has to come from your food.

Mineral balance is the key to optimum health.

Heart disease is the number one killer in America, and cancer is right behind at number two. We are clearly losing the war against these diseases. And with more than 153 additional known diseases, it is easy to see that we are on the wrong track. With all the people taking supplements and supposedly eating balanced diets, why is disease still so prevalent? If even half of those people really were getting what they needed, the disease rate would be nowhere near what it is today.

It is because of imbalances that we have problems. When everything is in proper balance, the organs and glands will be operating perfectly, and perfect health will be the only outcome. The circulatory system can carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells and carbon dioxide and other waste products away from the cells to the organs of elimination which are working perfectly. The immune system is operating perfectly and able to detect and destroy pathogens and other invading material. The digestive system can efficiently extract nutrition from the foods you eat... and so on. Why would anyone want to throw a moneky wrench into such a marvelous system? Yet they do it all the time - because of ignorance.

Scientists are just beginning to learn the importance of some of these minerals. We always had a need for these minerals. They used to be in our food, but no more. Because of soil depletion, the foods that come from the soil are depleted of these valuable trace minerals, and therefore our bodies are deficient, and degenerative disease is rampant.

For example; Praseodymium and Yttrium have doubled the lifespan of laboratory animals. Rubidium and Cesium have proven successful against cancer in both animals and humans. Zinc is essential for wound healing and also in the production of Super-oxide-dismutase (SOD), the most important anti-oxidant naturally made by the body.

Iron is crucial for hemoglobin as is copper. Germanium is an adaptogenic mineral that helps fight all diseases. All of these minerals have a purpose and function in the human body. You can study each of these minerals and find out exactly what they do in the body. But that is not necessary, unless you want to be a scientist. Getting the minerals into your body in a form your body can use and in the proper proportions to one another is the important thing. You don't want to take a Praseodymium supplement or even a Calcium supplement. You want a food form which contains all the essential minerals bioavailable and in the proper proportions.

This document is supplied for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to recommend or prescribe any treatment for any condition or illness. Contact a doctor or medical professional who is trained in the use of natural nutritional supplements before adding any new protocol or when starting any health or exercise program. 

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